The Gold/Silver Ratio Is At a 26 Year High.

Gold Silver Ratio

The gold/silver ratio is the highest it’s been in over a quarter of a century. In this article,  international futures expert Phillip Streible explains why there is still a lot to be said for investing in silver at the current gold / silver ratio. Read More.

Will The Gold / Silver Ratio Hit 100?

Following on from the subject matter of the last piece, futures analyst Jeff Clark tackles the question of when the rise in the gold/silver ratio will stop climbing and what can – or should – investors do in the meantime? Read More.

The Case For a Rational Love of Silver

Silver has long had its critics in the investment world. Some say that it’s not too much more than a glorified industrial metal and lacks the investment potential and status as a monetary metal that gold offers. Some say a lot worse!

In this piece, British financial writer, journalist and author Dan Atkinson explains why investing in silver is both rational and realistic. Read More

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