Gold and Silver Bull Markets, Paradigm Shifts Explained and More

Is a Gold Bull Market On the Way? Some Experts Say It’s Here 

Gold and Silver Bull Markets

With the US having cut the interest rate for the first time in years the possibility that the the ‘gold bull-run is for real ‘ is something that investors are buzzing about. In a recent podcast Peter Schiff explains why that is and why in his opinion now is a good time to have an allocation to both physical silver and gold in you portfolio . Read More 

The Silver Bull Awakens? 

Silver has been lagging behind its pricier sibling gold for the majority of 2019 thus far, at least in terms of pricing. That all changed however, just a few weeks ago, and now experts say, the silver bull has awoken, with silver rocketing up 5% in just a few days. Silver tends to out perform gold in precious metal bull markets. With the gold silver ratio hovering at around 87:1 we believe that now would be an opportune time to invest in silver. Read More 

Silver is Cheap, But That’s a Good Thing 

Silver Krugerrand

According to the data, when compared to gold, the price of silver is currently at some of the lowest levels in modern history. But, as silver experts The Wealth Research Group explain, that is very good news for serious investors. Read More 

Ray Dalio on Paradigm Shifts 

Ray Dalio is the Co-Chief Investment Officer & Co-Chairman of Bridgewater Associates, L.P. and has been a global macro investor for more than five decades. In a fascinating piece recently published on LinkedIn he explained his experience of paradigm shifts and what they mean for investors of all kinds. Read More 

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