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Legal Tender Gold and Silver Bullion

Austrian MintAfrican Bullion gives the South African retail investor the opportunity to purchase and hold physical gold and silver bullion. We maintain a large silver bullion inventory in South Africa so can ensure that even large bullion orders can be shipped as soon as client funds clear.

African Bullion appreciates that purchasing silver bullion online calls for a high level of trust and are committed to providing superior customer service, an easy online order process and efficient fully insured shipping. African Bullion has been trusted by the Austrian mint to represent them here in SA since 2009 and also has distribution agreements with primary dealers of the American and Canadian mints. We guarantee the authenticity of all of our legal tender bullion products.


Our online shop pricing is "live" and always reflect the current silver spot prices and R/$ exchange rates, allowing you to ‘lock in’ your bullion price when you are ready to place your order regardless of the time or day of the week. All bullion orders over 20 ounces Qualify for free shipping and insurance.


Shipping is both secure and discreet with all shipments being insured by third party high value cargo insurers. Shipments can be tracked from our warehouse right to your doorstep for peace of mind. We pride ourselves with 100% delivery success in the tens of thousands of ounces of silver sold.

Why should I Invest in Gold and Silver Bullion

Hedge Against Inflation

A one ounce gold or silver coin represents the capital required to prospect, mine, refine and produce the coin. Gold has intrinsic value and by this definition, provides a hedge against inflation.

Currency Devaluation

Many analysts believe that substantial devaluation or collapse of the Dollar is inevitable. The United States national debt stands at over $17.5 Trillion and is growing, a staggering $151 823 per taxpayer.

Supply and Demand

Silver bullion production is not increasing quickly enough to satisfy the increasing demand. When silver bullion prices were low, with high production costs, there was no incentive for miners to increase capacity.

Default Risk

There is no default risk when you invest silver bullion and gold bullion coins. An investment in a silver bullion coin or a gold bullion coin can be contrasted with an in vestment in AAA rated Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns bonds

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your thoughts investing in silver bullion coins vs silver bars?

The Austrian Philharmonic 1 ounce silver bullion coin has “legal tender status” Silver coins are both easier to sell and authenticate, as the weight, measures, and silver content of each coin is well regulated by the Austrian mint.

Weight (grams): 31.10
Pure silver content (grams): 31.10348
Fineness: 999.0
Dimensions: 37mm Diameter x 3.2mm Thick

Our silver coin pricing is comparable with local silver bullion bar pricing so in our opinion it makes sense to use an investment vehicle that is more liquid and tradable. Legal tender silver bullion coins are internationally recognisable and sell for a higher premium than silver bars in the secondary market.

What are your thoughts on the investing in silver vs investing in gold debate?

We believe that as central bankers of the world continue to print money and devalue their currencies both silver and gold investments will outperform inflation.

Some investors believe that silver will outperform gold in the current precious metals bull market. The current Gold / Silver ratio is 71 : 1 (One ounce of gold will cost you 71 ounces of silver) Many investors believe this ratio will fall to at least 20 : 1 resulting in more upside potential for an investment in silver. If this scenario plays out the premium paid now to invest in silver will be negligible. It is interesting to note that geologists estimate that the ratio of silver to gold ratio in the earth’s crust is about 16:1. In recent years we have seen the ratio as high as 83:1 and as low as 30:1

Is VAT levied on the purchase of bullion coins?

The locally produced Krugerrand has legal tender status in South Africa and is not subject to South African VAT. The Austrian Philharmonic 1 ounce silver bullion coin is subject to South African VAT. SA VAT has been factored into all prices quoted on our website. All orders are shipped with a VAT invoice.

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