What’s Behind the Russian Gold Rush, the Petrodollar in Danger and More

How Will The US Deal With It’s $75 Trillion Insolvency?

Petrodollar in Danger

The US now has a negative net worth of $75 Trillion. Which is a big problem, even for the  country that is the self-professed ‘leader of the free world’. So how are they going to deal with it, especially given the volatility of the current US Presidential Administration? This opinion piece examines some of the possibilities. Read More

The Possible Demise of the Petrodollar Is Gloomy News For the US

The ‘Petrodollar’ has been helping stabilize the price of oil for the US – and boost the US economy in general, for over fifty years. But now the Saudis are threatening to do away with the agreement that created it and if they do, that is likely to be very bad news for the US dollar. Read More

As Former ‘Carnival Theory’ MMT Gains Prestige, Sensible People Should Be Buying Gold

‘MMT’ – Modern Monetary Theory – was once considered so bizarre that it was the ‘carnival attraction’ of the economic theory world. But now, thanks to the likes of Goldman Sachs almost seeming to approve it, it is gaining traction. However, others argue that MMT is a recipe for hyperinflation, and therefore sensible folks should be buying lots of gold before MMT becomes even more mainstream. Read More

Why a Gold Standard Critic is Becoming A Fan After All

Professor of economics at George Mason University and Bloomberg columnist Tyler Cowen has never been a big fan of the gold standard, but recent events are leading him to reconsider his position, and those reasons may not be quite the ones you might think. He explains in this opinion piece. Read More

Is Russia’s Gold Rush the Beginning of the End of the International Monetary System As We Know It?

Russia have been going for gold, in a big way, for some time now. So have China. Both Russia and China are openly questioned the whether the dollar is still capable of serving as an effective global currency. Are the two superpowers planning to do something big to change the International Monetary System for good? This opinion piece from the Moscow Times examines the possibilities. Read More

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