Banks Making Big Gold Moves, Huge Debt Amounts Now Showing Negative Yield and More

With Basel III About To Go Into Effect, Banks Making Big Gold Moves

Banks Making Big Gold Moves

In just a few days the Basel III rule will go into effect. Basel III is a set of international banking regulations developed by the Bank for International Settlements in order to promote stability in the international financial system. And a part of it effectively ‘remonitizes’ physical gold. Which is why world renowned precious metals expert Andrew Maguire says that investors should be paying very careful attention to what banks do in the gold market over the coming weeks and months. Read More

Central Banks Already Doubling Down on Gold

According to some reports Russia is doubling down on its gold reserves, adding 31.1 tonnes in February alone. While that may not be a huge amount analysts fear it is another sign that another worldwide recession may be on the not too distant horizon. Read More

$10 Trillion in Debt Now Marked With a Negative Yield

Government-bond yields from the U.S. to Germany slid again last week, falling even further below recent lows, which saw over $10 Trillion in debt change the sign on its yield from positive to negative. This op ed breaks down exactly what that mean in real world terms in the near future. Read More

The Signs of a Slowdown Are Flashing Across the Global Bond Market

According to this piece from Bloomberg, recent events in the bond markets across the world all seem to be pointing – loudly – to one thing; a worldwide slowdown is on the way. Read More

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