Central Banks Bought More Gold in 2018 Than They Have Since 1967

China Central Bank

According to World Gold Council central banks purchased more gold in 2018 than they have since 1967, more than half a century ago, signalling a resurgence in gold demand that may turn out to be unprecedented. Read More

Tennessee Bills Seek to Restore Gold and Silver As Legal Tender

As the political climate in the US continues to be worryingly unstable, and the economy seems to be heading the same way, politicians in the Southern US state of Tennessee have introduced two unusual bills; bills te restore gold and silver as legal tender. Read More

The Trifecta of Circumstances Likely to Drive Gold Prices Higher

Not too long ago the price of gold suffered its first annual loss in three years. Experts are cautioning that it is not a huge cause for concern though, as a trifecta of slowing global growth, a weakening US dollar and the global central banks increased interest in purchasing gold should drive the prices higher again sooner than people expect. Read More

As a Hedge Against Geopolitical Unrest, Azerbaijan Is Betting on Gold

Gold is the traditional financial safe haven in times of trouble, and that continues to this day, as is currently being amply demonstrated by Azerbaijan’s sovereign wealth fund, Sofaz. Read More

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