Gold Production Levels in South Africa Continue to Fall

Gold Production Levels in South Africa Continue to Fall

Once the world’s leading gold producer, with the news that the country’s gold production fell for the 14th straight month in November not only raises serious questions for the country’s own economy but also for the global gold market in general, including one of the biggest; how far away is ‘peak gold’? Read More

As Political and Financial Uncertainty in The US Continues, Gold “Looks Very Safe”

A 34 day government shutdown that ended only when the situation became so dire planes were grounded. Donald Trump’s trade war with one of his country’s largest creditors. A lack of confidence in the rate of global economic growth. All of these factors and more have experts increasingly advising that ‘gold looks like safe money’. Read More

Global Government Debt Hits Record Levels…And Not Just in the US

With the news that, when measured in US currency, global government debt surpassed $66 trillion in 2018,  experts are warning that high debt levels may soon begin to impact the growth of the economies of countries all over the world. Read More

Predictions That Global Silver Production Would Increase in 2019 May Be Completely Off the Mark

Global experts have been predicting that silver production levels would increase by up to 2% in 2018. However, with both Peru and Mexico, the world’s leading silver producers, reporting declines in production levels over the past 12 months that those predictions may be way off the mark Read More

Here’s Why Silver Will Outshine Gold in 2019

All that glitters is not gold, especially when its shiny cousin silver seems set to overtake it  

in a growing number of ways in 2019. Here commodities expert Robert Kientz offer ten solid reasons why. Read More

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