Is the Window to Buy Silver Above a Gold/Silver Ratio of 80 Closing?, Ron Paul’s Dire Financial Warnings to the World and More

Gold Silver Ratio Above 80

Is the Window to Buy Silver Above a Gold/Silver Ratio of 80 Closing?

Some of the biggest players in the precious metals market have been making some savvy moves in silver buying recently, capitalising on the fact that it has been undervalued, in the opinions of many, for some time now. According to Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst at GoldSilver there are some strong historical precedents for things to change very quickly. In fact, he can almost tell you when. Read More

Silver’s at The Heart of Some Amazing Science – and That’s Going to Affect Demand in 2018.

Speaking of silver, demand is predicted to increase significantly in 2018, especially as it is at the heart of some rather amazing medical and technological advances. From space-age artificial skin to a wound treatment that could improve the lives of thousands, silver is more helpful to the scientific and research communities than ever. But what does that mean for investors? Read More
Ron Paul

Ron Paul is Back and He’s Predicting a Financial Calamity for the Ages

Never one to be quiet for too long, and perhaps feeling that son Rand has been garnering far too many headlines recently, former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, a man who has been watching the Fed in Washington for over 30 years recently made an incendiary appearance on CNN. And during that appearance, he made a strident claim that “we have a greater distortion and a financial danger sitting out there bigger than ever before.” Read More

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