Impending Financial Crisis News, Bursting Bubbles You Should be Worrying About, South Africa Nearing Peak Gold and More

Will the Next Financial Crisis be Worse Than the Last?

Financial CrisisIf you, like Donald Trump, base your opinion of the world’s financial health on the standard stock and asset markets it can seem that, as the US President claims, all is well and economies (especially his nation’s own) are booming.

Look a little deeper though, as Nomi Prins of Crusoe Research did, and you’ll see falling wages, stagnant job markets and the precursors of a financial crisis that is likely to be worse than the last. Read More

World Finance: The Outlook is Worse Than 2008

Financial Crisis 2008Remaining on the same theme – the real state of the world’s economies, speaking to The Telegraph William White, the Swiss-based head of the OECD’s review board and ex-chief economist for the Bank for International Settlements also predicts that a storm is coming that will not only be as bad as the financial crisis of 2008, but potentially significantly worse. Read More

Has the Dollar Bubble Burst at Last?

If you look at the numbers on a daily basis, it seems that the US dollar is now in terminal decline. So, argues financial expert Gregory Mannarino, the worries of investors should not be centered around a bursting Bitcoin bubble, but the bursting of the dollar bubble instead.  Read More

How Much More Gold is Left in South African Mines? The Answer is Rather Grim

South Africa is the fifth largest source of gold on the planet. But the world’s experts in geology and finance have long known that the deal will come when the world will reach ‘peak gold’, an ongoing decrease in the gold supply until it peters out altogether. And according to the Environmental Economic Accounts Compendium published by African Statistics Day for South Africa that scenario may be coming far sooner than you might think. Read More

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