China’s Clever Currency Game, the Global Impact of the Middle East, A Billionaire’s Grim Economic Predictions and More

Venezuelan bondsThe Specter of Venezuelan Debt Default Has the Financial World’s Vultures Circling

For years now investing in Venezuelan bonds has been extremely popular among the largest investors in the world. Although never considered stable, and in fact known to be a higher risk option, the bonds were still hugely attractive, thanks to their attractive interest rates. But now Venezuela’s economy is crumbling fast and, as this piece from the New York Times details, the vultures are circling. Read More

China is Still Planning to Dethrone the Dollar, However Friendly They are Becoming with the West

During his recent visit to Asia the Chinese went to great lengths to lay on the kind of red carpet welcome that US President Donald Trump loves. In return Trump made some very friendly, and surprising to many, comments about the hope for warm relations between the two global superpowers. Does this mean that China will ramp back on their plans to usurp the US dollar with their petrol boosted Yuen? As Sri Jegarajah of CNBC explains in this piece, not one bit. Read More

Understanding the Petro Yuan

Dethrone the DollarIn a piece closely related to the one mentioned above, an opinion piece on Sputnik International breaks down just why the Chinese’s planned currency moves have such global importance. Read More.

The Middle East is a Situation Every Investor Should be Watching

Stops in several Middle Eastern countries were also highlights of Donald Trump’s recent Asian jaunt. While everything might have been all smiles on the surface the political climate there is increasingly tenuous, meaning, as John Mauldin explains here, that the situation is one that investors from across the globe should be keeping a closer eye on. Read More

Billionaire Investor Predicts a Future Cashless Society but Also Fears a Global Economic Collapse

Jim Rogers is not just another very wealthy American, he’s a man who gained entry into the billionaire’s club thanks in large part to his uncanny ability to read the global markets in ways that others cannot. Therefore, it is perhaps more than a little unnerving that in this recent Stansberry Investor Hour interview his predictions for the near future of the global economy were rather bleak indeed. Read More

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