The Biggest Russia Story You May Not Have Heard, Puerto Rico’s Problems are Not Going Away and More

Russia Stockpiling Gold

The Only Russia Story That Really Matters…

Russia is rarely out of the international headlines these days. Russian Premier Vladimir Putin may either be Donald Trump’s worst enemy or his puppet-master, and either way that spells nothing good for international political stability. However, according to American lawyer, economist, and investment banker James Rickards the biggest Russia story right now is possibly one you have not heard so much about yet, and it involves the stockpiling of an awful lot of gold. Read More.

Puerto Rico’s Problems are Far From Over Yet, In Fact, They May Get Worse

Puerto Rico has been through an awful lot over the past month, with the damage caused by not just one but two hurricanes that hit the Caribbean island back to back leveling much of the usually stunning Commonwealth, leaving many people without food, power or even water. The people of Puerto Rico also had to deal with a less than sympathetic to their plight president, as Donald Trump seemed to imply that the debt that Puerto Rico was already in will not be forgiven outright. And that, says financial pundits at Zerohedge, is where the island’s problems could get even worse, potentially leading to a government shutdown before November. Read More.

Bitcoins, Dollars and Gold – Connecting the Dots

A lot is going on right now in the world of currencies across the globe, and, at first glance, much of it does not seem to make a lot of sense. However, as gold expert Jerry Schuitema explains in his most recent article gold is becoming a bigger and bigger player in the various ongoing sagas and we may even be seeing a return to the days of gold backed currencies, despite the apparent recent rise of cryptocurrencies. Read More

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