Global Financial Crisis Predictions, The Possible Effects of Rising US Interest Rates, Fiat Currency Explained and More

Do All Fiat Currencies Have to Fail?

Do you know what a fiat currency is? Or which currencies the term applies to? In a new video financial expert Mike Maloney explains both what fiat currency is and why the state of it right now is so concerning. Read More.

Global Financial Crisis Looming a Lot Closer than Predicted?

Everyone, not just those watching the markets closely, knows that the world is going through some rather turbulent times right now. And according to former US Department of Defence advisor and best-selling author Jim Rickards the current upsets may result in large scale financial crisis within the next six to eight months, triggered by a confrontation between the US and North Korea. Read More

Rising US Interest Rates Could Crush US Economy

Recently US president Donald Trump signed a bill raising the debt ceiling and, according to pundits at Schiff Gold that move will result in ever ballooning interest rates that could crush the US economy and they have the figures to prove their argument. Read More  

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