Is China’s Move to Buy Oil with Gold Backed Yuan a Global Game Changer?

Gold Backed YuanThe world’s largest oil importer, the People’s Republic of China, has made a move to launch a groundbreaking futures contract that will be denominated in gold backed Yuan. It’s a big move for China but may be a big one for the world in general, especially the US, as the Russia Insider explains. Read More

Is Crazy Kim Jong Un Driving Gold Prices Up? Goldman Sachs Says No

A recent rise in gold prices has been attributed by many, in part at least, to concerns over the unpredictable recent threats and actions made by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. However, according to Goldman Sachs analysts that is giving the dictator way too much credit and that other forces are more influential, including his new ‘arch enemy’ Donald Trump. Read More

Now That Paris Hilton Has Joined the ICO Party Is It Time to Get Out?

Get Out While You Still CanThere is no doubt that the concept of ICOs is a hot one and that it was just a matter of time before it started to get seriously mainstream. However, now that hotel heiress/reality show star/ Ibiza club DJ Paris Hilton is hawking ICO offerings, and the Chinese are clamping down on their crypto-currency crazy citizens from investing in them ,is it time for current investors to consider getting out? One financial expert thinks that may be the case. Read More

Is Silver the Bargain of the Century Right Now?

At the moment the eyes of most serious investors are on the rising gold market and the security it is offering them in increasingly turbulent times. However, economist Peter Schiff is advising that people don’t get to caught up in this new gold rush, as silver may just be the bargain buy of the century right now. Read More

The Ratio of Silver to Dollars in Existence May Drive Prices Higher

It may look to many like the price of silver has bottomed out in comparison to its 1980s heyday but according to financial analyst Hubert Moolman you have to factor in the amount of dollars currently in existence to get the real picture. Read More

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