Record US Debt Woes May Be Good News for Private Gold Investors

US National DebtThe US is currently the ‘proud owner’ of the biggest debt mountain in recorded history. And according to Swiss asset management expert Egon Von Greyerz all the gold in the world wouldn’t even cover it. Bad news for the US for sure, but Von Greyerz argues, potentially very good news for private gold investors. Read More

Russia Declares US Jets Over Syria to be ‘Targets’

After several months of being rather polite to one another, the US and Russia are back at loggerheads, this time over the US’ continued military actions in Syria. Things are now so fraught that the Russians have declared that US warplanes discovered in Syrian airspace are now to be considered ‘targets’. Read More

Despite Recent Losses, Expert Says Gold Prices Headed Up Due to ‘Dwindling Supply’

When the US Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate hike recently it had a negative effect on gold pricing across the globe. According to economist and currency expert Jim Rickards this was to be expected, but so is, in his opinion, a rally in gold prices in the months ahead, and in his latest opinion piece he explains why. Read More

Is the Stock Market Headed for a Catastrophic Crash? Some Say It Is. But is It All Doom and Gloom Ahead?

Some may point out that according to some financial pundits the stock market has been heading for a catastrophic crash that hasn’t happened for the last five years. However, according to author, strategist and financial pundit Michael Pento the rumblings in 2017 are real, and he took to YouTube to explain why. Read More

Based on Increasing Demand, Texas is Building a ‘Fort Knox’ for Gold

In very uncertain economic and geopolitical times investors in possession of physical stocks of gold are increasingly seeking a safe and secure place to stash it. In response to this Texas has stepped in to build, according to the US state’s Governor, a gold bullion depository to serve as a ‘Fort Knox’ for gold in the state’s capital, Austin. Read More

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