The Fallout From the ‘Silver Crash’ Trump Meets Putin, Playing the Gold/Silver Ratio and More

American Student Debt

Making Sense of the ‘Silver Flash Crash’

On July 6th, 2017, the silver market crashed. It was only a momentary blip, as although the price briefly plummeted to $14.40 it had rebounded to $15.80 by day’s end a few hours later.

Still though, this has precious metal investors in a bit of a tizzy, with some rather bullish about the whole thing while others are getting nervous. In a piece for Monetary Metals, Dr. Keith Weiner, CEO of the Gold Standard Institute USA, attempts to make sense of it all. Read More.

In Debt American Millennials are More Afraid of Betsy Devos than Kim Jong-un

If you are a Millennial in the USA, according to a recent study you’re likely to be more afraid of new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the threat posed to the economy by an ever growing pile of student loan debt than the threat posed to the USA by the trigger – or button pushing – happy North Korean dictator Kim Jong- Un. And according to Forbes writer Michael Durkheimer, a Millennial himself, that may not be as silly as it sounds. Read More

Trump Meets Putin in Person, Smiles for the Cameras but US Russian Relations Probably Haven’t Improved.

According to Donald Trump he had never met Vladimir Putin before the G20 summit in Hamburg – a claim some suggest is not entirely true – but when they did meet officially there were smiles and handshakes all around and a closed door meeting that lasted far longer than planned. None of this, however, means that the dim relations between the two superpowers are actually improving, as diplomatic analyst Alex Gorka explains. Read More

The Gold/Silver Ratio: A Good Spread to Play?

The Gold/Silver Ratio – as in just how many ounces of silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold – is something that many precious metal investors take very seriously. Would it be wise to fine tune your silver ounces : gold ounces asset allocation in your bullion portfoilio using the gold/silver ratio? Investment experts from Avatrade weigh in here, while Przemyslaw Radomski of Sunshine Profits has his say here.

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