Why Would a ‘Gold King’ Advise Buying Silver Right Now?

American Silver EaglesIn an opinion piece for Daily Reckoning, investor and journalist Zach Scheidt explains why a man considered so important in the gold investment industry that he is known as ‘Mr Gold’ has recently been extolling the advantages of buying silver instead. Read More

Gold Prices Rise Thanks to US Fed Meeting, But UK Election Turmoil May Spoil the Boom.

According to Steffen Grosshauser of Bullion Vault, the very different political situations on either side of the Atlantic are creating a tumultuous time for gold pricing, with both good news and bad for investors, as US financial policies and the disastrous British election results take their toll. Read More

UK Election Crisis No Closer to Being Solved

UK Election TurmoilAs we just mentioned, the complete uncertainty about the future of Theresa May’s government – and the UK government in general – that exists after a completely unexpected swing to the left at the polls. How did May get in this mess and what will happen now? The Guardian is attempting to explain it all. Read More

Gold or Silver? The Age-Old Question Answered Now

Which is truly the better bet for an investor; silver or gold? Or both? It’s an age old question that investor Leland Wilkins is attempting to answer for today’s market. Read More.

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