The Fisch Scale – What it is and Why You Need It

The Fisch scale is a specialist instrument that is used by banks and experienced bullion dealers to help them determine as accurately as possible whether or not a particular bullion coin they are examining is indeed the real thing.

How Does The Fisch Actually Work?

In this age of electronic gadgetry, you might be surprised to learn that the Fisch operates, for the most part, using good old fashioned mechanical technologies. The Fisch Wallet (as that is how it is sold) contains tools for determining four critical factors about an individual coin; weight, thickness, diameter and shape. The best way to understand how they work is to see them in action:

Fisch wallets are tremendously easy to use and easily portable. They are also well made, durable and for the serious bullion collector an almost invaluable tool.

At the moment, as an introduction to the Fisch system African Bullion is offering direct sale of two of the most popular – and useful – wallet sets as follows:

Wallet No 2

Wallet #2 – Gold (5 Detectors)

  • Krugerrand/American Eagle/Britannia/Angel (1oz.)
  • 1/2oz. Krugerrand/American Eagle/Britannia/Angel
  • 1/10oz. Krugerrand/American Eagle/Britannia/Angel
  • 1/4oz. Krugerrand/American Eagle/Britannia/Angel
  • British Sovereign / South African 2 Rand
  • *Britannia & Angel 916 fine only


Wallet No 6

Wallet #6 – Silver (4 Detectors)

  • U.S. Silver Dollar (1840-1935)
  • American Eagle (1oz.)
  • Maple Leaf (1oz.)
  • Vienna Philharmonic – Austria
  • Guernsey 8 Double (1oz.)
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