The New 2016 Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coins Hop Onto the Scene

Australian Silver KangarooAlthough the vast expanse of land that is Australia is home to hundreds of different animal species the one it is probably most associated with the country in the minds of many across the world is the kangaroo. In fact, kangaroos are so uniquely Australian that apart from those in captivity in zoos and safari parks, they simply do not live anywhere else. So that they should be featured on one of the most highly anticipated silver coins the storied Perth Mint has released in recent years is really only appropriate.

The 2016 Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coin is considered extra special because it marks the very first time that the kangaroo, which has been a staple of gold coinage since 1933, has appeared on a silver coin. This highly detailed 1 oz. coin, cast using .9999 pure silver is quite the beauty as well. As is the case for the other splendid animal themed silver coins crafted by the Perth Mint the obverse of the coin features the much admired and by now near iconic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that was first executed by British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadly in 1998. On the reverse is the highly detailed image of a majestic, leaping kangaroo, a design that will remain exclusive to the 2016 minting of the coins.

The new design also features an additional element, but you’ll have to look exceptionally hard to see it, although that really is the point. Hidden away in the ‘Australian Kangaroo’ legend at the top of the reverse of the coin is an additional, micro sized ‘A’ that can only be seen under magnification. That one extra little detail was added, as you may have gathered by now, as an additional measure to prevent forgeries from being passed off to unwitting investors and numismatists as the real thing.

1 x One oz Australian Silver KangarooThe 2016 Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coins will join the rest of the Perth Mint’s much sought after silver coin pressings which include the Koala, the Platypus , the Kookaburra and the Lunar Series, which for 2016 features a pair of monkeys, as it is the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.

The addition of the 2016 Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo means that silver coinage now accounts for 87% of The Perth Mint’s total coins sold and will help further position the Aussie mint as one of the ‘power players’ in the world of bullion coinage.

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