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Canadian Silver Maple

Obverse Side

2023 1 Ounce Silver Maple

Reverse Side

2023 1 Ounce Silver Maple

Canadian Silver Maple Specs

Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
Weight (grams): 31.1035
Fineness: 999.0
Dimensions: 38mm Diameter x 3.29mm Thick


The Canadian Silver Maple leaf is the instantly recognizable, iconic symbol of Canada and it is the central focus of the design of this highly collectible silver coin. The coin was first released by the Canadian Royal Mint in 1988 and in the years following has actually changed design on several occasions. These have included special commemorative editions, holographic enhancements and the addition of various privy marks. The basic design features have remained unchanged though.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that is unique to Canada and the signature maple leaf adorns the reverse. The coin is minted in .9999 fine Silver, an attribute that makes it one of the purest of the collectible silver coins.

Gold and silver are not investments in the traditional sense, but a way to protect your wealth.

Jim Rickards

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