Australian Silver Kookaburra

One of the older of the country’s silver bullion coins, the Australian Silver Kookaburra was first issued by the Perth Mint in 1993 and has been produced as a 99.9% fine silver 1 oz coin on an annual basis ever since.

The quantities of new Australian Kookaburra coins minted and released each year is limited to a relatively small run, and this fact, in combination with the fact that unlike many other silver bullion collectibles its design does change every year gives it a slightly higher numismatic value over those offered that repeat the same designs every year.

Obverse Side

Silver Kookaburra 2022 - Obv

Reverse Side

Silver Kookaburra 2022 - Rev

Australian Silver Kookaburra Specs

Manufacturer: The Perth Mint
Weight (grams): 31.1035
Fineness : 999.0
Dimensions: 40.6mm Diameter x 2.85mm Thick
Max Mintage: 500 000


Gold and silver are not investments, but a store of value for the long term.

Jim Rogers

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