Australian Silver Koala

Obverse Side

One Ounce 2022 Australian Silver Koala

Reverse Side

One Ounce 2022 Australian Silver Koala

Australian Silver Koala Specs

Manufacturer: The Perth Mint
Weight (grams): 31.107
Fineness: 999.0
Dimensions: 40.9mm Diameter x 3.5mm Thick
Max Mintage: 300 000

The Australian Silver Koala Coin showcases one of Australia’s most iconic animals with a different design every year. First released in 2007 are struck in 99.9% pure silver at Australia’s Perth Mint.

The fact that the design of this attractive coin does change on an annual basis means that not only does that make it a little more interesting from a general collector’s point of view but also for those purchasing for investment purposes, as this does increase each coin’s numismatic value over many other offerings that feature the same images on each new mint.

Gold and silver are the only investments that will never go to zero.

Peter Grandich

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