Global ‘Sea of Debt Set to Increase, Biden the Silver Bull, Yellen Warns Investors About Crypto Dangers, and More

Will COVID Stimulus Lead to a ‘Sea of Debt’? 

Sea of Debt

When COVID-19 first emerged last year, and most governments determined that lock downs and restrictions were the best ways to try to combat the spread, many national governments engaged in a series of almost unprecedented lending and public financial support. Economists are now warning the actions may lead to a global ‘sea of debt’. Read More

Global $280+ Trillion Debt Set to Rise Again

Speaking of a sea of debt, according to Bloomberg analysts the $281 trillion global debt pile is likely to increase, rather than stabilize or decrease, in 2021. Read More 

Biden – Rocket Fuel for Higher Silver Prices? 

Joe Biden seems to be bullish on silver according to some financial analysts. In addition to the boost silver prices are likely to see if his environmental plans go ahead as planned additional stimulus payments will lead to more debt and ultimately higher inflation. Peter Krauth explains. Read More 

Bidens ‘Green Deal’ Could Boost High Silver Prices Even Higher 

The environment is high on the agenda of the Biden Administration. Part of plan includes increasing the amount of solar energy the US consumes. As silver is a vital component in solar panel manufacturing, according to Bank of America analysts, the price of the precious metal is likely to increase. Read More

New US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Warns Investors About ‘Dangerous’ Market Segments 

Less than a month into her new job US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned, in her first major television interview, of the dangers of parts of the current stock market and expressed some skepticism about the wisdom of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Read More 

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