Dire Warning about the South African Economy from Magnus Heystek

National Debt

In this article Magnus Heystek voices his concerns about the South African economy and its ever increasing national debt. A national debt of R3.235 Trillion! Every man woman and child owes a staggering R59 530.00. A must read article for every South African. Read More 

The Dutch Central Bank Still Believes in the Gold Standard

It’s been 48 years since the U.S. Government unplugged the gold standard, thereby enabling the world’s Central Banks to plug in their fiat currency printing presses. And things have certainly not been smooth sailing since then. This article from Goldseek takes a look at that issue, while reminding us that at least one major national bank still believes that gold is the way to go. Read More 

Unicorn Investments Have Dealt SoftBank Some Big Losses

Putting their faith in much lauded US based ‘unicorn investments’ like WeWork and Uber Technologies Inc. has apparently cost SoftBank dearly. For the first time in 14 years the powerhouse Japanese investment has posted a quarterly loss, and as this piece from Bloomberg details, their troubles may only just be starting. Read More 

Will Modern Monetary Theory Wipe Out “Money” Altogether? 

The Modern Monetary Theory, MMT, challenges conventional beliefs about the way the government interacts with the economy, the nature of money, the use of taxes and the importance of budget deficits. But as these piece from The Daily Reckoning discusses what does MMT mean for the future of “money” itself? Read More 

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