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Silver Supply and Demand in 2014

American Silver EagleIn this article Louis Cammarosano from Smaulgld breaks down the facts and figures behind the ongoing global rise in demand for silver across both the investment and industrial niches.

To open the piece Cammarosano notes that one of the usual indicators of silver bullion coin demand, the sale of the US Silver Eagle, reached its highest levels ever in 2013 and yet seems to be on track to exceed that figure by the close of the 2014 trading year. However, as he goes on to note, the average price of silver is falling, begging the question; “Do the dynamics of supply and demand matter anymore?”

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Why One Experienced Precious Metals Markets Analyst Invests His Own Money in Silver

Invest in silverTed Butler is a man who has spent more than four decades in the precious metals markets industry, much of it involved solely in markets analysis. This experience should mean of course that when it comes to investing his own money Butler is very well placed to make the best possible decisions.

In this article Butler reveals that he chooses to make significant investments in silver, even choosing it over gold. Why? Primarily because he believes a significant silver shortage is on the horizon.

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Why One Investor is Remaining Bullish on Silver

Motley FoolAs The Motley Fool’s Matt Smith admits in the beginning of this article, as of October 2014 silver is under performing somewhat significantly in comparison to the same period in 2013, down 23% in fact.

And yet Smith remains bullish on silver and feels it still offers a better long term investment than gold. In this piece he offers his three biggest reasons for his stance; extraordinary supply and demand fundamentals, major institutions continued confidence in silver and the ever widening ratio between silver and gold.

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