Hidden Secrets of Money – Mike Maloney

In this video Mike Maloney, author and monetary historian, looks at how the Federal Reserve and other central banks create currency. Maloney claims that this is the “The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.”

The quotes below share what respected politicians and financial journalists Steve Forbes, James Rickards and Ron Paul had to say about the video.

Steve Forbes“The Federal Reserve believes it can create money out of thin air, not realizing that money is supposed to represent real products and services. And what people don’t realize is that when the Fed ( Federal Reserve ) does that… it’s a form of taxation, it’s a form of confiscation. And because people don’t see it, the politicos get away with it. But it also undermines social trust. It just is corrosive throughout society.”
– Steve Forbes

Jim Rickards“You know for years before I got involved in really studying gold and some of the things I write and talk about today, I was a monetary economist for decades. You know in your video, you talk about the primary dealers, I was Chief Council & Chief Credit Officer of one of the largest primary dealers for 10 years. So I had an inside seat on the Treasury Market, I had the privilege of working with some former Vice-Chairmen of the Board of Governors ( of the Federal Reserve ) … so I am very immersed in what you ( Mike Maloney ) were talking about. I thought it was extremely accurate, extremely clear. I didn’t think you were stretching on any points. It was really like something out of a PhD course, except that it was very easy to understand.”
– James Rickards

Ron Paul“I think your Episode 4 is very beneficial and very helpful. It’s going to introduce these ideas to a lot of people. And like I’ve just been talking about, we have to change people’s mind and the more they understand it, the better. And I think we are at this point now where more people in the last four or five years… have thought about the Fed than they ever have in the previous 95 years. So I think an explanation, and diagrams to show it is very helpful because quite frankly they’re not going to get it in their grade schools, they’re not going to get it in their high schools, they’re not going to get it in college unless they’re in a very rare circumstance to understand how this works.”

– Ron Paul

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