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Chinese Silver Panda

Obverse Side

One Ounce 2023 China 30 g Silver Panda

Reverse Side

One Ounce 2023 China 30 g Silver Panda

Chinese Silver Panda Specs

Manufacturer: People’s Republic of China Mint
Weight (grams): 30
Fineness: 999.0
Dimensions: 40mm Diameter x 2.9mm Thick
Max Mintage: 10 000 000

Among some of the most playful and attractive of the silver bullion coins is the Chinese Silver Panda series. First minted in 1983 by the official Mint of the People’s Republic of China it is released on an almost annual basis – new coins were not released in 1986 – in 99.9% silver with a different panda themed design every year.

The coin usually features artwork executed by an artist in the region in which the coin is minted that year – there are branches of the Official Mint in Shanghai, Shenyang and Shenzhen – although unlike coins from other mints these locations do not have mint marks of their own. The fact that the Chinese Silver Panda’s design does change every year adds to its basic numismatic value as well, in conjunction with the fact that the coins are usually minted in limited quantities.

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Nouriel Roubini

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