The gold silver ratio has over the last ten years hovered at around 60:1. Over the last 350 years the ratio has averaged out at 30:1. Many analysts believe that to bring the ratio back into balance silver prices will rise.

African Bullion keeps local stock of the most popular 1 ounce silver bullion coins, giving the South African retail investor an affordable means to buy silver in South Africa. Silver bullion provides a excellent way to invest in silver, diversify your portfolio and have a hedge against inflation. All silver bullion coins stocked by African Bullion are one troy ounce of .999 pure silver and are legal tender in their respective countries. Silver shares all of the properties that make gold bullion coins an attractive investment but is more cost effective for the smaller investor.

Free Shipping and Insurance to Major Centers in South Africa for all Orders Over 20 Ounces

African Bullion uses reputable courier companies to ship all silver bullion coins. Free shipping and insurance to major centers in South Africa for all orders over 20 ounces and a flat rate of R55.00 for all other orders. All orders are shipped with VAT invoices.

Austrian Mint Primary Dealer

African Bullion Represents the Austrian Mint in South Africa

African Bullion is proud to be able to offer South African bullion investor and numismatic enthusiasts any of the other products offered by the Austrian Mint. Please follow the link below to view some of the Austrian Mints other fine gold and Silver Bullion coin products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing.

South African Krugerrand

The bullion Silver Krugerrand makes it affordable for South Africans to allocate a portion of their investment portfolio to physical precious metals.

American Silver Eagle

Not only is the American Silver Eagle coin to be one of the most collectible in the world it is also considered to be one of the most striking.

Canadian Silver Maple

The maple leaf is the instantly recognizable, iconic symbol of Canada and it is the central focus of the design of this highly collectible silver coin.

Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic silver coin is one troy ounce of .999 pure silver and is legal tender in Austria which makes it one of the most recognizable and liquid silver bullion coins in the world.

Silver has always produced a greater percentage increases during precious metals bull markets.
Silver bullion production has fallen short of industrial demand since 1990, which underpins the price of silver.
Silver bullion has more industrial applications than gold does.
Traditionally silver has always been used as money.

When buying anything on line it is important to have 100% faith in the supplier you are purchasing from. If you have any questions about our products or would just like to know a little more about us please do not hesitate to leave your details and we will contact you to discuss your concerns or requirements.

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